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Prediko Account & Onboarding
Prediko Account & Onboarding

How to setup your new Prediko account

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Follow the steps below to download and setup the Prediko app:


Firstly, you will need to Download the Prediko App from the Shopify App Store.


Once downloaded, follow the steps to create an account:

  1. Create account

  2. Enter your Stock Cover

  3. Book an onboarding call with Prediko

Prediko Onboarding [Video]


  1. Add your different Suppliers.

  2. Once the Shopify download is complete, map your products to the Suppliers you have just added following these instructions.

  3. If you have any, add all your outstanding POs in the Orders section.

  4. If you offer any Bundles, you will need to add them following these instructions.

  5. Head to the Billing section to Activate Plan.

  6. In the Inventory Settings, check your SKU mapping is correct.

  7. If it applies, create your Raw Materials Catalogue following these instructions.

    Note: it may take a few hours to sync all your order data and create your Plan depending on your data size (we are limited in the speed of Shopify's API). Please be patient and periodically check in to see when complete.

Don't see the correct Inventory or Cost / Prices? Check your Shopify! We pull all the information directly from Shopify and so if something looks incorrect, please check there first.



Sync inventory to the correct level on Shopify

Your SKUs/variants on Shopify should have the correct and true level of inventory.

We sync it every hour - check on Catalogue units in stock.

Add Unit Cost to SKUs

Add (even if approx) unit cost to SKUs - that way you will benefit from reporting on Prediko.


To get the best buying recommendations, make sure the following information is as accurate as possible.




How to check?


Total Plan

(monthly, overall)

Your expected Sales over the next 12 months


Lead Time correct

Ensure Lead Time per product is correct



Move any products you don't wish to Plan for or Order into the "To Order" 'no' status


Products mapped to Suppliers

Ensure all your Products are mapped to Suppliers

Simple or Smart Plan

There are two different options to choose from for how Prediko makes inventory forecasts, the Simple Plan and the Smart Plan. Once everything above is fully setup, we would usually suggest switching to the Smart Plan for the most accurate predictions.

Regularly Refresh Your Plan

We suggest that when your Smart Plan is setup, you regularly refresh (on a monthly basis) to get the most accurate predictions.

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