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How to add SKUs to Supplier?
How to add SKUs to Supplier?
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There are three ways you can add Suppliers to SKU:

  1. Bulk Import via Excel

  2. Buying Table

    1. One-by-one: Select column "Supplier" > add Supplier from the List

    2. In Bulk: Select all SKUs from the same Supplier (top tip: use the filter at the top of the page to make selection) > Bulk Bar "Supplier" > Add Supplier

  3. Suppliers Settings

    a. Click on Settings > Suppliers > Select a supplier

    b. Go to SKUs Supplier and MOQ >

    c. Click "Add Products" >


Note that we will also "remember" any SKUs that you have linked to Suppliers on the PO.

Why do I need to add SKUs to Suppliers?

To make sure we have a correct Lead Time per SKU to give you a timely notification to reorder SKU.

Can I edit the Lead Time per SKU?

Yes! On the Buying Table, select Lead Time column and you can edit it there!

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