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Same SKU mapping
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If you have the same SKU (name of SKU) present in more than one Product - we need to have a source of truth for Inventory

Where can I see SKUs that appear under more than one Product?

  1. Scroll down the page to "Same SKU Mapping" >

  2. Search for SKU

  3. See in the dropdown "Main Product"

  4. Done! ✨

What Products can I see in the dropdown?

All the Products that have the same SKUs as a Variant per Warehouse.

What are the default settings?

During onboarding, you can confirm if you would like us to pull the Min or Max inventory for a main Product. Once selected, this Product will stay the Main Product, unless manually updated.

E.g. here

  • IF you choose MAX, then Product 2 will be the Main Product

  • IF you choose MIN, then Product 3 will be the Main Product

SKU name


In Stock


Product 1



Product 2



Product 3


Why am I seeing the wrong Inventory for SKU?

Check your SKU mapping - maybe the wrong Product is linked as a Main Product. Simply select another one!

If I update it - will it stay the same?

Yes, if you override the Main Product - it will now be linked.

How long does it take to update?

The sync will begin and should be updated in 1-2 min.

Will the new Main Product name be shown on my POs & Buying Table?


Do you take Sales into account from all Products?


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