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Quick start guide: Raw Materials
Quick start guide: Raw Materials
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Prediko enables you to keep track of your Raw Materials and to raise Production Orders for Finished Goods based on the Bill of Material.

"I have my full catalogue of raw materials now in Prediko. I can order easily and see the number of units in stock - which helps me greatly to know if I have enough on hand to fulfil my Production Order!"

Quick guide to Raw Materials

Step 1: Create Raw Material Catalogue.

Go to Raw Material > Catalogue > Add Raw Material.

You can also upload in bulk via Import

Step 2: Add correct Units in Stock, Supplier and Lead Time days.

Step 3: Create a PO for Raw Materials if you need to order more.

We sync inventory from your POs to the Catalogue page. Such as when you receie units, the "Units in Stock" will be increased.

Step 4: Create a Bill of Material for the Finished Good.

Go to Raw Material > Bill of Material > Add Bill of Materials.

  • Select Products that need Bill of Materials and select SKUs that share the same Bill of Material

  • Select Raw Materials (that you have previously created) and add quantity

  • Add Production Days

Step 5: Now you can see the related Raw Materials on the SKU page.

Step 6: Create Production Order

Production Order = the order for finished good items that have Raw Materials associated

What features do we have and what is upcoming?




Raw Material Catalogue

  1. Create a Raw Material Catalogue

  2. Per Warehouse

  3. Store Unit Cost (including price breaks)


Raw Material Purchase Order

  1. Create Purchase Order for Raw Materials

  2. Automatically add received units to units in stock when receiving PO


Bill of Material Catalogue

  1. Create a Bill of Material for Finished Good products using Raw Materials

  2. See the availability of Raw Materials for BOM products on the SKU detail page


Production Order

  1. Raise Production Order for Finished Good Products that need a Bill of Materials to be produced ("Made to Stock")

  2. See whether you have enough availability to fulfil the Production Order based on the Raw Materials in stock

  3. Deduct Raw Materials once used up in the Production Order from the Units in Stock


"Made to Order" Bill of Material

  1. Create "Made to Order" Bill of Material

  2. Automatically deduct Raw Materials, when an order is placed for a SKU

Estimated Release: By October 2024

Plan and buying recommendations for Raw Materials

  1. Automatically create demand plan for Raw Materials, based on the demand for the finished good SKUs

  2. Receive notifications to reorder (to buy units, days left and best order date) for Raw Materials

Estimated Release: By October 2024

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