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Quick start guide: Ordering
Quick start guide: Ordering
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How to Create an Order?

There are three ways to create an order on Prediko:

Buying Table

  1. Head to the Buying Table (Plan or Buying Table page)

    • Select the desired SKUs >

    • Click on "Create PO"


  2. New Order via Order Dashboard

    • Click on "New Order" >

    • Select SKUs

    Raw Materials

    • Select SKUs >

    • Click on "Create PO"

How to create a Production Order?

You can create a Production Order using the same process as above.

As long as you have created a Bill of Material on the Bill of Material page for this SKU - we will identify that this is going to be a Production Order and Bill of Material is added automatically.

See here for more info on creating Production Order.


Can I change the PO number?

Yes! When you create a draft PO, an automatic PO number will automatically be applied as a template. To edit this, simply click in the box and add your desired PO number.

Can I export my PO?

Yes you can download your PO as an Excel or PDF file. You can also send your PO directly to suppliers via email.

Does Prediko update my Shopify with received units?

Yes, when adding the units to Prediko, this will then push to Shopify to update if the sync has been set up. See here for more info.

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