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Quick start guide: Planning
Quick start guide: Planning
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Planning on Prediko is central to utilising the full functionality of the platform and ensuring the most accurate inventory predictions.

Prediko flow

  1. Begin by navigating to your Plan >

  2. See how your actual performance tracks vs your Plan >

  3. See what SKUs are recommended to Buy Now >

    1. Learn more about Buying Table HERE

  4. Select SKUs you'd like to order and Create PO >

  5. Confirm the number that you are ordering >

  6. Finalise PO and share with Supplier >

  7. Receive the PO and Close it πŸ‘


How do we calculate your Plan?

By default you are on the Simple Plan, which is refreshed daily and is calculated on a rolling 90-day basis - learn more about Simple Plan HERE. In most cases however we'd recommend using the Smart Plan - learn more about this HERE.

How to Edit your Plan?

You can't edit Simple Plan, but you can edit Smart Plan if you switch to this.

How do you recommend what we should be ordering?

We base it on what you Plan to sell, what you have In Stock and In Transit, Lead Time as well as your Safety Stock and Days of Cover Settings.

Simply click on ✨ in the "To Buy" column on the Buying Table to learn more about how we have calculated the recommendation.

Have questions about Ordering: GO HERE.

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