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"Continue selling when stockout" on Shopify and impact on Plan
"Continue selling when stockout" on Shopify and impact on Plan
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✅ You can enable to sell SKU, even when it is stockout on Shopify: "Continue selling when out of stock" on Shopify

Impact: You may see that your stock level dips below 0 on Shopify, but not in Prediko ⬇️ . For more info on selling products when out of stock on Shopify, see here.

At Prediko we are concerned with your actual level of stock, as we know what you have on order - we do not take into account these negative values in stock, but we do consider them in reordering.

How will this impact reordering?

  1. We will add negative stock to your recommendation to order

    1. e.g. if you have -5 in your Shopify stock we will ask you "To buy" +5 units to cover the negative stock

  2. If you have the "Continue selling when out of stock" setting on, we will include in the "To buy" amount any sales that may occur between now and the potential delivery date

    1. e.g. item is stockout now and plan to sell 30 units in the next 20 days. Lead Time is also 20 days. We would add +30 units to the "To buy" recommendations to ensure you buy for demand that will occur.

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