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What is Prediko?
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Prediko is an AI Inventory Management & Planner.

We help customers to:

  • Forecast Inventory

  • Get Alerts to Reorder

  • Generate Report

  • Create POs

Customers save up to 3 hours daily by replacing spreadsheets with an advanced inventory management app that syncs with Shopify.

Planning and Forecasting

"I ditched my spreadsheets, which took me hours to update per month. Syncing data from different sources, collaborating with the team and fixing manual errors - all of this is a thing of the past as I have the most up-to-date Plan every day!"

  • Automatic forecast creation for the next 12 months up to the SKU level

  • Trend and seasonality considered

  • Bottom-up and top-down Edit ability

Alerts and Buying Decisions

"Buying Table is by far my favourite part of the app. I have all the info about my stock at my fingertips. Stock level, Days Left, Reordering date, Units to repurchase and so much more!

I find myself coming back to Prediko every day to answer any questions we have about our performance."

  • Buying Table with >50 columns to curate your view

  • Purchasing recommendations and Health status

  • Pre-Set inventory reports


"We keep all our Orders on Prediko. It's so easy to track what we ordered, when and how much we received at the end. We keep our stock updated through Prediko actually, by automatically pushing received inventory to Shopify. And send the orders directly from the system to Suppliers!

Finally, we got the ordering under control."

  • Create Purchase Orders and Production Orders

  • Email to Suppliers

  • Export Excel and PDF

  • Sync to ShipHero

  • Update eceived inventory to Shopify

Raw Materials

"We now keep all our Raw Materials on Prediko and when raising Production Orders can plan for our Raw Materials. It is game-changing for our organisation"

  • Keep Raw Material catalogue on Prediko

  • Order directly from Prediko

  • Place Production Orders based on the Bill of Material


"We saw (thanks to Prediko!) that to achieve our growth we needed some extra cash to build our Inventory. Getting Financing was easy through the platform and with payment as % of Sales we were never worried about running out of money."

  • Pay for your POs with Prediko Finance

  • Repayment with % of Sales

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