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How Prediko calculates historical sales data and why this might vary from Shopify
How Prediko calculates historical sales data and why this might vary from Shopify
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💡What does Shopify consider a Revenue vs Prediko?



(+) Gross Sales

(+) Gross Sales

(-) Discount

(-) Discount

(+) Tax

(+) Tax

(-) Refund

= Prediko Revenue

= Shopify Revenue

You might notice a small delta between the revenue or net quantity you can retrieve on your Shopify reporting page and what you see on Prediko Planning Page. This delta comes from Prediko only presenting to you what you sold, as we don't consider a refund as a sale. By default, Shopify does not do that.


This merchant originally sold 3 items on 9 Nov. But one of those items has been refunded soon after the sale (order 2296). By default, Shopify will still count that item as a valid sale in the reports, we do not. We also sometimes see a slight discrepancy due to reconciliation of returns, when they take the charge into account, especially if there are multiple timezones.



Where do we pull our data from?

To cross check the numbers shown in Prediko and those shown in your Shopify:

  1. Analytics > Reports

  2. Check the "Sales by Product" report

  3. See the Net Sales and the Net Quantity

Here's a quick video to showing the above.

Still see some issues with Order data?

Shopify may adjust your data and we may not match data exactly (anything with a 2-3% variance is normal). If you see a discrepancy over 4% please send us an example of where you see a difference and we will look into it!

NB: Shipping fees are not included

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